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How to Make Your Pins Larger and More Effective for Pinterest

Get Your Teaching Blog Designed by a Professional


I customized my own blog using the simple template from blogger.  I have no web design experience and I am no expert, and my claim to fame is being a non-expert who went from not knowing any HTML or CSS to being able to build and install my own clickable header and drop down menu in 4 days as you can see if you navigate through my blog.  I wrote down every step of the process, knowing I would never remember otherwise.

I intend to write a blog about the process to let you know where you can get information on the following:

1) How to make a clickable header.
2) How to make drop down menus.
3) How to make a customized signature image at the end of each post.
4) How add a badge.
5) How to add a Pinterest Widget on your bar.
6) How to add a TPT Widget on your sidebar.
7) How to create an image that comes up at the end of each post as a visual "dividing" line between each post.

I won't be writing you any instructions myself - as I said, I am a non-expert.  I will just share with you the resources and links that were the most clear and effective at allowing any non-expert to add these seven elements to their blog.  This is not for the faint of heart as it takes some trial and error.  But if you are a DIY lover like'll dig it and be happy with the results.  I sure am with mine!

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