January 18, 2014

Textbook Task Cards - Start Off your Science or Biology Course with Some Textbook Confidence!

Get them to use their textbook without prompting!
They will realize how useful their textbook is.

Often students do not get the most out of their science textbook because they either feel intimidated by it or they don't know how useful it can be.  Starting off your science course with an activity that familiarizes the students with their textbook is a very handy way to ensure that they will use their textbooks more often, more effectively and without as much need for prompting.

TEXTBOOK TASK CARDS to the rescue!

I have designed a set of textbook task cards for both my science course as well as my biology course.  They have been great and effective additions to my courses.

After this activity, students:
1)  Are more comfortable using their textbook.
2)  Know what the the textbook has to offer.
3)  Know where to find the information they need.
4)  Are more likely to use the textbook more often and with less prompting.  Self-sufficiency!

Take a look at these examples:

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